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    If you've found termites or termite-damaged timbers, DO NOT disturb the area and resist the urge to spray them with fly spray or other insecticides.                

    The termites are likely to move elsewhere in the building and may not be rediscovered until further obvious damage has occurred.

    Leaving the termites undisturbed will inevitably speed up the treatment process and reduce further timber damage.

    Step 1

    Identification of the termite species is an important first step in constructing the right treatment process, and the presence of termites is necessary to give an accurate diagnosis of the species attacking the structure.

    Step 2

    The next thing for you to do is to call us ASAP.  We'll have a Termite Expert call out to your home shortly. He will identify the termite species, perform a site assessment, address any concerns that you have and provide you with an easy to understand Analysis and Action Plan that will step you through the treatment process.

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    Termites are our specialty - we know termites and all treatment options and we know that getting the right advice is crucial to the success of any termite management program. Your total piece of mind is our number one priority.

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